The Journey Article 4

The Power of Marketing and Maximising Our Communities

Readers are getting an insight into the power of marketing and how DreamSpin plan to maximise the communities built within Hideous Slots and Fruity Slots as Josh Green, co-founder of DreamSpin, shares more on this topic in collaboration with CasinoBeats and Affiliate Leaders.

This is the fourth in this series, with the first three articles outlining how DreamSpin got started in the world of slots, how the team battled stress, set-backs and overthinking, and more about our future – specifically games 2, 3 and 4.

In today’s article Josh talks more about how he, William Barnes and Jamie Rosen plan to maximise the communities within Hideous Slots and Fruity Slots, their streaming channels and websites, to market DreamSpin and the first release, Buzz Thrill.

Discussing everything from social media to streaming, Josh takes readers deep within the marketing mindset of DreamSpin, giving readers more information on what they can expect to see from this studio, and how DreamSpin intend to showcase their game to as many players as possible.

You can read the article here.

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